Project Scope and Description:
Area: 1586582 square feet

The project was about developing a large student center spreading across a build area close to 1586582 SFT. With multiple small buildings, interconnectivity among the structures, defined parking blocks, and pathways, etc., the layout was planned with design aesthetics and ample free space in and around the concrete complexes. It was an overall land development project with all the modern amenities required for an educational institution.

  • Law School
  • M White Gymnasium
  • Centre for Medical Sciences
  • Axelrod Institute
  • Princeton Building
  • Maintenance Facility
  • Notre Dame Hall
  • O'Brien Building
  • South Hall
  • Sage College
  • College Suites and Extension

eLogicTech had taken up the AutoCAD to Revit model conversion part of the project. In the form of input documents, the client had provided the AutoCAD drawings, markups in PDF format, and inspirational images for the 3D model. A six-member engineering team worked for four weeks to complete the 3D model. Here were the broad steps:

  • Initially, the site topology was divided for ease of developing the models.
  • New family types such as Fence and Curb were developed based on the inputs from the client.
  • The final model was developed and aligned after linking the independent building models in the site model and establishing the coordinates.

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