eLogicTech's Structural Engineering Services

The structural engineering service from eLogicTech includes both innovation and sustainability. Catering to a wide variety of industries, eLogicTech offers structural fabrication drawing, steel detailing, finite element analysis, shop drawing, and drafting services. With a team of highly experienced engineers, eLogicTech has the knack for working on any residential, commercial, industrial, and civil architectural projects.

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What You Gain Out of eLogicTech's

Structural Engineering Service


To provide the best results, eLogicTech uses the advanced structural analysis and modeling tools such as Advance Steel, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Revit, STAADPro, Tekla, and X-Steel, etc.


Over the years, eLogicTech has worked with a variety of clients and supported them with the region-specific structural engineering standards in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.


eLogicTech has an in-house team of engineers to support clients in large projects by assigning additional resources to meet quick delivery timelines.


The eLogicTech team understands the importance of accurate shop fabrication drawings and never compromises on the quality front. At the same time, eLogicTech ensures that the clients receive the services at the most competitive cost.

Structural Drafting and Detailing Services from eLogicTech

The entire AEC industry including architects, contractors, builders, consultants, and civil engineers can be benefitted from eLogicTech's experience when they outsource structural engineering projects. The vast range of structural drafting and detailing services from eLogicTech include the following:

Structural Drafting Service

eLogicTech has the experience and skill to provide structural blue print of the buildings by architecturally visualizing the conceptual drawings or raw sketches. The scope of this service includes drafting the construction plan and analysis of industrial structures, custom home designs, and retrofitting of existing structures.

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Structural Modeling and FEA

eLogicTech's specialized team utilizes the most advanced finite element analysis (FEA) tools to analyze the unexpected stress, deflections, durability, and sustainability of the structural designs. The team also provides structural modeling or suggests changes based on the FEA analysis.

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Structural Steel Detailing (Tekla)

Utilizing the power of Tekla software, the eLogicTech's team of structural engineers offer steel detailing service. Catering to a global audience, eLogicTech ensures that the structural models are in line with all the international standards, such as AWA, AISC, CISC, and ASCE, etc.

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Structural Shop Drawing and Fabrication Drawing

eLogicTech assists contractors and construction engineers with structural shop drawings in the form of accurate pre-fabrication drawings to be referred. Also, for residential, industrial, and commercial building structures, eLogicTech provides comprehensive fabrication drawings.

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Structural Outsourcing Company

Outsource Structural Engineering Projects to eLogicTech

When it comes to accurate sketch drawings, detailed structural design drawings, or precise CNC files for the plasma cutters, eLogicTech's structural engineering service is unmatched in the industry. Been in the AEC industry for over two decades, eLogicTech understands the industry requirements and deliver the solutions without requiring much of your involvement.

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