Electrical Design and Drafting

eLogicTech provides exclusive MEP electrical design and drafting service as part of its MEP engineering portfolio. The MEP engineering team is specialized in planning the electrical systems, designing the layouts, and suggesting the safety guidelines. eLogicTech's electrical engineering team has years of first-hand experience in evaluating MEP systems and thus helps in detecting clashes between the electrical lines and the plumbing, firefighting, or mechanical systems. To know more about electrical design and layout services and the pricing model, fill-in the contact us form on the website and one of eLogicTech's experienced project managers will get in touch with you within one business day.

Electrical Design and Drafting

Benefits of Outsourcing

Electrical Design and Drafting to eLogicTech


While designing electrical circuits or layouts or afterwards, our experts help in evaluating the designs and suggesting changes.


The electrical design team at eLogicTech consists of highly experienced engineers for you to be sure of quality services at all time.


With dedicated engineers for every project and multi-level QC of the electrical designs, we ensure absolute accuracy.


We've always valued customer satisfaction above everything and offer the most competitive price in the industry.

MEP Electrical Engineering Services from eLogicTech

eLogicTech has categorized its MEP electrical services based on clients' varied requirements. The services are as follows:

Electrical Layout Designing

The electrical layout designing service from eLogicTech includes designing and evaluation of schematic layouts, conduit designs, interior/exterior electric circuit plans, and electrical wiring, etc.

Audit of Industrial MEP Systems

With a skilled and experienced team of electrical engineers, eLogicTech offers to audit existing MEP systems or electrical circuit drawings to suggest necessary changes adhering to global safety guidelines.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance Plan

In a commercial or industrial infrastructure, where the electrical and mechanical systems run day and night, eLogicTech's electrical repair and maintenance guidelines provides detailed checklists for scheduled caretaking.

Energy Conservation Design

eLogicTech provides electrical layout designs that conserves the minimum amount of energy required. The engineers at eLogicTech also offer suggestions that involve changes in the electrical equipment or positions for maximum energy conservation.

Electrical Design and Drafting Service

MEP Outsourcing Company

Partner with eLogicTech for Complete MEP Assistance

eLogicTech assists construction companies and BIM consultants with complete MEP assistance which includes mechanical, plumbing, firefighting and electrical system design and drafting. With an in-house MEP electrical design team, two decades of experience, and transparent process, eLogicTech ensure clients with the most competitive pricing. Moreover, with dedicated project managers and 24/7 live chat support, the client can definitely get a peace of mind outsourcing their MEP engineering requirements to eLogicTech.

To have a free consultation and get started with your electrical engineering project, contact the eLogicTech team now.

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