BIM 5D Cost Estimation

eLogicTech provides BIM 5D cost estimation service aligning with the construction model for efficient facility management. The BIM specialists at eLogicTech integrate the estimated cost with the construction plan along with the timeline and thus visualizes the entire BIM model using software like Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, Navisworks, and Tekla, etc.

Whether it's a small/mid-size residential construction or a huge commercial project, eLogicTech's BIM cost estimation solution assists engineers and contractors keeping track of the cost at every stage. Having an experienced in-house team of consultants, eLogicTech offers to help in critical value engineering decision-making by analyzing BIM models with any level of detailing. If you have a similar requirement, contact us and we will be happy to assist you with an immediate consultation.

BIM 5D Cost Estimation

Benefits of eLogicTech's

BIM 5D Cost Estimation Service


A highly experienced engineering team at eLogicTech fetches the BIM linked cost estimation directly from the tool which is 100% error-free.


Linking cost as the fifth dimension to the building information model helps improving fund rotation and material procurement cycle much more accurate.


With the cost factor aligned to the design changes and timelines, contractors find themselves in a better position to assist process owners in value engineering decision-making.


Making use of the 5D model, the entire design plan can be broken into multiple interrelated modules which allows more informed agile project approach.

BIM Cost Estimation Services from eLogicTech

BIM construction management service from eLogicTech helps avoid the ambiguity and potential inconsistencies in conventional estimation by bringing in the fifth dimension into the construction life cycle. The services that eLogicTech offers include the following:

Material Takeoff Service

The eLogicTech team evaluates the actual construction plan and extracts the material details from the BIM model and provide in an easily understandable form aligning with the cost part.

BID Estimation Service

eLogicTech has years of experience in handling hundreds of construction projects and thus assists real estate firms and contractors in proposing the most appropriate BID amount through data-driven cost estimation.

Facility Management Planning

eLogicTech helps avoid facility management challenges that includes cash inflow and material procurement for adhering the construction schedules through mapping cost and quantity mapping to the real-time construction milestones.

bim 5d cost estimation

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Be it a retail, healthcare, engineering, or real estate project, for substantial benefits, eLogicTech ensures accurate cost estimation service irrespective of the project type or scale.

Contact the eLogicTech team today and one of our project managers will reach out for a detailed discussion with a customized project quote.

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