Customised Doors & Windows family creation

A virtual 3D elements family gives in-depth details about the physical qualities of different products and components. At eLogicTech Solutions, we provide door and windows family creation services making use of Autodesk Revit. We deliver accurate door and windows designs to support the production of windows and doors made of metal, wood, or others for commercial, residential as well as industrial structures.

Our team of expert sheet metal designers helps create as-built BIM models of facilities for contractors and manufacturers. This is accomplished by developing Revit families through simple and effortless retrieval of sheet metal and many glass building items. Beginning from the concept and all through the production, our qualified team aids window as well as metal door producers to make the right decisions when it comes to design and detailing. This is to make sure the project is profitable and productive at the same time.

Doors and windows family creation

Benefits of availing door and windows Revit family creation from eLogicTech

Our team of BIM service specialists works together with engineers, architects, contractors, and manufacturers to come up with a precise, simple, and convenient family model. Some of the benefits of availing door and windows Revit family creation from eLogicTech includes:

CAD design and production standards

At eLogicTech, we have gained thorough knowledge on CAD design as well as production standards for metal windows, doors, and frames like ANSI, FEMA, NFPA, and SDI.

Striking Revit 3D modeling

We offer high-quality Revit 3D modeling for marketing, apart from precise and comprehensive scheduling.

100% accurate BIM models

There is no way that your BIM model could go wrong since your Revit family is all prepared as well as verified.

Prevent design inconsistency

By developing consistent Revit models, our experts make sure that their clients need not bother about trying to maintain consistency in design for all models.

Door and windows BIM 3D object creation services from eLogicTech

We provide parametric as well as non-parametric Revit family creation services that assist in the quick implementation of design modifications throughout mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP), and firefighting systems. Our door and windows Revit family creation services include:

Windows family creation

We develop the windows families in Revit and provide detailed visualizations of the plan view, elevation view, 3D sectional view, mullion profile section, and mullion profile 3D view, among others. We offer window family creation services for timber windows, composite type windows, sash windows, aluminum windows, and composite curtain wall systems.

Doors family creation

Our Revit family creation experts help develop door families in Revit and provide detailed visualizations of the plan view, elevation view, 3D sectional view, flush threshold view, and custom profile view, etc. We develop BIM models for various building products, including sliding / bi-folding doors, exterior and interior doors, and customized entrance doors, among others.

door and windows Revit family creation from eLogicTech

Product Modeling Outsourcing Company

Door and windows modeling services from the specialists

Our team of 3D modelers and CAD drafters is skilled in sheet metal design for generating precise patterns, assemblies, and fabrication drawings to suit the client’s requirements. As part of our broad product design and furniture modeling services, eLogicTech offers custom or standard architectural library creation for fabricators, engineers, architects, and product manufacturers.

We generate design information with the help of 2D CAD drawings for window designs, sheet metal, 3D detailed models in SolidWorks, and glass or wooden doors to minimize mistakes, engineering time, and speed up fabrication. We also assist in the creation of efficient project presentations and layout plans apart from developing BIM content for different building items. If you are looking for BIM 3D objects, door design, and windows design with precise drafting and detailing, get in touch with us today.

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