Project Scope and Description:

Designing and manufacturing special purposed products require a way more stringent process and standardizations. Especially, industry-grade furniture required for research facilities, cleanrooms, healthcare centers, etc., need to be designed with the ergonomics and exact purpose in mind.

This project delivered by eLogicTech had specific requirements from the client for industrial usage. Moreover, when the client is a leading brand in the segment and is conscious about their reputation, we cared for the quality of the deliverable the most.

Ensuring 100% accuracy and making use of advanced software like AutoCAD and 3ds Max, the eLogicTech furniture modeling team refined ten different industry-grade chair models based on the 3D models received from the client. The project scope involved the following in exact detail specified by the client:

  • Remodeling of the chair elements
  • Texturing as per the samples
  • Ideal color combination based on the target industry and brand
  • Lighting adjustment and rendering for digital portfolio

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