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Mechanical Equipment Design

Mechanical Equipment Design

Mechanical Equipment Design

Mechanical Equipment Design Services

The productivity, efficiency, and safety of a plant depend on the proper industrial equipment design, placement of equipment, and functionality. The mechanical equipment design services from eLogicTech optimize the function, value, and appearance of the products and systems as required. The array of our mechanical equipment engineering services includes equipment fabrication drawing, manufacturing drawing, assembly drawing, design & modeling, and process specification & documentation.

We adhere to international standards like ASME Section VIII, API & TEMA to work on pressure vessels, fluid handling units, power generation systems, and several other industrial types of equipment. Some of the advanced software we use for equipment engineering & design is SolidWorks, AutoCAD, HTRI, PV Elite, Compress, and E-tank. Contact us to learn more about our rigid process to meet the quality and standard of the service, leaving no room for failure.

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Mechanical Equipment Design

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Equipment Engineering Services from eLogicTech

We assist the mechanical equipment development process from conceptualization to manufacturing. eLogicTech offers the following sub-services:

Mechanical Equipment Design Services

Equipment Assembly Drawing

Our equipment assembly drawing includes machined parts design, plastic & injection molded design, EDM & thermoform part design, prototyping, etc. We also add instructions and step-by-step diagrams for easy assembly of parts.

Mechanical Equipment Design Services

Equipment Design and Modeling

We help in dynamic modeling of complex mechanical systems, thermal design & analysis, failure analysis & yield improvement, etc. We also assist in system design, modeling and analysis, and FEA analysis for structural mechanics, fluids, and thermal systems.

Mechanical Equipment Design Services

Process Specification Documentation

Our process specification document describes the process requirements and design preferences for several mechanical parts of equipment. Our detailed documentation assists project teams in the easy assembly and maintenance of equipment.

Mechanical Equipment Design Services

End-benefits of Our Industrial Equipment Design Services

Outsourcing mechanical engineering service to eLogicTech brings accuracy, precision, safety, and several other benefits. Some of them are as follows:


3D models of product design

eLogicTech provides a 3D model of product design to handle large and complex drawings and for an in-depth analysis.


Accuracy ensured

All our machine drawings, fabrication drawings, assembly drawings, and process specification includes required figures and is uniform in figures & letters.


Expertise in serving several organizations

Our mechanical, designing, and drafting team serves various oil & gas companies, petrochemicals, food processing plants, power plants, etc.


Advanced tools for modeling and assembly

Our mechanical and drafting team uses advanced tools such as AutoCAD, CATIA, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, etc., for modeling and assembly drawings.

For Equipment Design, Engineering, and Optimization – Contact eLogicTech

eLogicTech Solutions has a proficient team of mechanical engineers and draftsmen skilled in the design and analysis of industrial equipment. Our years of experience in handling several projects across industries give us an edge in understanding and providing customized equipment design and engineering service to our clients. Contact our customer care team to leverage our service.

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